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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can register as a campaigner?
Any for profit or not for profit organization with a legitimate project which requires significant funding.
2. Does the Campaigner need to be a registered entity?
Yes the entity should be duly registered and compliant in order to be approved for campaign.
3. Does the Campaigner need to be a registered entity in Jamaica only?
This will be assessed on a case by case basis.
4. What is the minimum time frame an entity should be registered for to be approved for a campaign?
Entities should be registered for at least 12 months to qualify as a campaigner.
5. What currencies will the campaigner get paid in?
All campaign funds will be transferred to the Campaigner in JMD. This prevents the charges associated with transferring other currencies across banks.
6. Are donors allowed to pay with cards denominated in other currencies?
Yes donors may pay using any currency which will then be converted to JMD.
7. Will the donations go straight to the campaigner’s account each time a donation is made?
No it will not. Each donation will go straight to the Amber Fundme account and will be sent to the campaigner only after the campaign has ended or as soon as the campaigner has made a request for withdrawal of funds collected.
8. How will the campaigner get paid?
The campaigner will be asked to provide a valid bank account matching the name of the entity and denominated in JMD.
9. How soon after the campaign has ended will the funds be handed over to the campaigner?
Processing time will range from 10 -14 business days.
10. Why does it take so long to transfer funds to the campaigner?
This time is needed to facilitate processing of chargebacks if any and any other administrative services that are required to ensure a smooth transfer.
11. What are the fees associated with using this platform?
There is a 3-5% platform fee in addition to a 3% transaction charge and $50 of each donation made.
12. How will fees be collected?
The fees will be collected by Amber Fundme at the end of the campaign and the total of the campaign less the fees transferred to the Campaigner.
13. Can the Campaigner have more than one active campaign at the same time?
Yes the Campaigner is allowed up to 5 campaigns at a time depending on the needs.
14. Are Campaigners monitored to ensure funds are used in accordance with campaign goals?
Amber Fundme operates on trust and we expect that all campaigns approved by us after due diligence will be used for the purpose intended. It is also up to the donor to assess each campaign and decide if it is a necessary risk they are willing to take before donating.
15. What are the minimum and maximum time frames that a campaign can be active for?
There is no minimum time with the maximum time going up to 12 months depending on the nature of the campaign and type of entity.
16. Is the payment platform secured?
Yes it is. Amber Fundme is powered by Amber Pay, the Fintech arm of the Amber Group. Amber Pay in partnership with FAC provides a 3D secure platform.
17. How does Amber Fundme work?
Telling your story and setting a goal are the first steps in starting an Amber Fundme.

You will obtain a fundraising website to accept donations and share your campaign once Amber Fundme has approved it. It is easy to sign up, and every donation you receive is yours to keep, whether or not you meet your goal.

Amber Fundme makes it incredibly simple to raise money for the causes that are important to you. You will be able to tailor your campaign and share it with the people in your life in just a few minutes.

Our Customer Care team will be there to assist you with customer service.

18. Step by step approach for your Amber Fundme experience.
  1. Start your campaign/ fundraiser
    • Set your fundraiser/campaign goal.
    • Tell your story
    • Add a picture or video
    • Watch a video tutorial (coming soon)
  2. Share your campaign/ fundraiser with friends & family.
    • Send emails
    • Send text messages/ WhatsApp
    • Share on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  3. Manage donations
    • Accept donations
    • Thank donors
    • Withdraw funds
19. What can I raise money for?
Amber FundMe is designed to raise money for economic and social causes. Some examples include small and medium sized business financing, education costs, culture and sports programs, volunteer programs and animals & pet preservation.
20. What if I don’t reach my goal?
Amber Fundme isn't an “all or nothing” platform . That means you keep all of the funds you raise, regardless of whether you meet your financing target.

Reaching your goal is ideal but does not limit you on our platform. In addition, your campaign will be able to accept donations even after your campaign goal is reached. The progress meter on your campaign will show that you have received more than your goal amount.

21. How do I get people to donate to my campaign/ fundraiser?
Amber Fundme makes it simple to gather funds from friends, family, and the internet community. Our platform makes it simple to promote your campaign on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) to raise funds, measure your progress, and provide updates as needed to keep your contributors engaged.
22. Can I get assistance to set up a Campaign?
Our Amber Fundme support team can help you in setting up a campaign.
23. How do I know that my contribution was successful?
If your transaction is successful, your debit/credit card will be debited instantly for the donation amount. We'll also send you an automatic confirmation email to the email address you supplied during the registration process.

Successful contributions will also be recorded on your individual Amber Fundme account.

To locate and keep track of your contributions:

  • Log in
  • Click on "Dashboard” to the top right corner in the drop- down menu
  • Click "My Donations"
  • You will now be able to view all donations made and all details regarding the donation will be visible here.

All your donations will be listed on your donations tab. If you do not see your donation listed here, then your donation attempt may have been unsuccessful.

24. Can donors be refunded?
Donors contribute to campaign owners, not to Amber Fundme. Once a donation has been made to a campaign, only in limited circumstances will refunds be made, please see our Terms and Conditions for details.
25. Can a campaign be terminated by Amber fundme after approval?
In the event that Amber Fundme has found a campaign that violates the Terms of Use and Amber Fundme still has the campaign’s funds, we may at any time take action we deem appropriate, in our sole discretion, including but not limited to, issuing refunds to donors from the campaign’s funds.
26. How to evaluate a campaign?
Contributing to a Amber Fundme campaign is not the same thing as making a purchase in a store.

By contributing to a campaign you are supporting an idea, project, or cause you care about. One of the amazing parts of crowdfunding is pitching in and helping ideas you'd like to see come to life! It's very rewarding to see projects that you fund go from idea phase, to seeing the stages of its development, and (if all goes according to plan) see the project be successful.

It's important to know that you are not buying an existing product.

Like anyone getting in on an early-stage project, you accept the risk that the project may experience changes, delays, unforeseen challenges, and it's possible that a project you fund might not come to fruition. We leave it up to you to make your own judgment about a campaign’s merits before making a contribution.

We've compiled the following list, as a starting point, to help you evaluate a campaign before making your contribution:

The More Information, The Better.

In order for a campaign to succeed, its team should have a thoughtful pitch that makes it clear how they will use the funds they raise to move their project forward. Campaigns that aren’t transparent with their story, goals, and project status tend not to attract contributors.

Before you contribute to any campaign, assess its story. Ask yourself a few questions:

Who Are The People Behind The Campaign?

The campaign owner and any team members will be listed on the campaigns page located below the Campaign picture. Click "About" to see more information about the campaign owner & it’s fundraising story.

  • Who are they?
  • Why are they raising money?
  • What is their background and experience?
  • Why are they passionate?
  • Are photos of the team members included?
  • Does the campaigner appear in the campaign’s video?
  • Are external links included (websites, news/media coverage, etc.)?

If their background and motivation for the project are not clear in the pitch, you can always do a web search to learn more about their professional experience and how it may relate to the project.

What Is The Campaign Raising Money For?

The campaign’s pitch should be clear, transparent, and reflect the team’s passion and hard work.

  • Is the pitch transparent and personal?
  • Has The Campaign Already Raised Funds?

Successful projects usually secure a strong funding base from close family and friends who know the campaign owners personally.

27. Can I donate as an anonymous donor?
Yes, Amber Fundme has the flexibility to allow you to make your donations as an anonymous user. While donating, you have to check the option for “Donate as an anonymous donor” to complete the transaction. The donor will be able to see their donation under the donations menu but campaigners will see it as anonymous.
28. Can an individual register on Amber Fundme as a campaigner
For the time being we do not allow individuals to register on our platform. Only businesses/ organizations/ NPO’s and NGO’s that are registered for more than a year are permitted to register for an account.
29. Is my campaign allowed on Amber Fundme?
As you begin planning your campaign, you may have some questions about whether or not Amber Fundme allows the type of campaign you want to run.

In general, for-profit and nonprofit campaigns are allowed on Amber Fundme. We also recommend reading through our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for more information on what we allow on Amber Fundme.

30. What are the benefits of being a Non profit campaigner on Amber Fundme?
We have specially discounted fee packages for Non profit organizations.
31. Can I use the same email address for a donor account as well as a campaigner account?
If you are registering your account as a campaigner, Amber Fundme allows you to donate to other ongoing campaigns from the same email ID as well.
32. Can I edit information for my campaign after I have submitted a campaign for approval?
Yes, you can edit your campaign information as many times as you see fit until it is approved by Amber Fundme. Once approved, the campaign organizer cannot edit or change any information pertaining to the campaign. Please therefore ensure you are entering the correct information the first time to avoid delays to your campaign.